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Many years of experience in the sales of bathroom equipment products, the implementation of projects under the supervision of designers and demanding investors and running an online store have all built the position of the SaniWell company.

We are seen as a company able to implement projects that require great commitment, industry knowledge and responsibility. It was a great pleasure for us to participate in the process of restoring the glory of such places as the manor in Niegoszowice and Rzeplin, where we supplied bathroom equipment products and tile.

Modern projects in which it is necessary to combine design ideas with technical possibilities are often a big challenge. Here we can be proud of the execution of a very modern apartment building in Kraków at Krowoderska Street, where we also carried out the finishing works for the main lobby and for the individual apartments.


Browar Lubicz apartments in the center of Krakow, entirely renovated by our company -  Browar Lubicz

However, above all else, we are implementing individual, comprehensive orders of our customers, who - in the Internet age - are placing high value orders in our online store www.sanitbuy.pl. You can find their opinions on the cooperation with our company in the "Opinions about sanitbuy.pl" tab and in popular comparison sites such as Ceneo or Nokaut.

Welcome to cooperation   www.saniwell.pl

Krzysztof Białkowski

kom. +48 501 787 283